922 Church Online


Why a digital campus?

John’s life was a wreck. His wife of 20 years was divorcing him. He was changing jobs. He was moving to Appleton from across the state. He felt like his life was collapsing around him. Then a friend recommended he watch the 3:30pm live stream of the CORE worship service. The message touched his heart so deeply that he jumped in his car and showed up in person for the 5:30pm service. After the service he poured out his story in person with a pastor. This is the blessing of a church where a physical and digital presence work in harmony to connect people to Jesus and strengthen faith.

Recent surveys report 43% of Appleton/Green Bay residents lack a Christian identity, belief, and practice. That’s more than Milwaukee or Portland, Oregon (both 42%). Yet people are searching for answers... and they’re doing it online. Google reports that every month, more than thirty thousand people search Google using the phrase “church online.”

At 922 Ministries, we strive to be “all things to all people.” We believe people get deeper Jesus Roots as they gather, group, grow, give, and go. Where are people? Most are online! Does our mostly in-person church with live streaming services offer enough to help these roots grow? We believe we can do more!

Teaching, prayer, healings -- Jesus met people where they were. An online campus would step outside the four walls of our church and into the four sides of screens everywhere. What our two physical campuses already do well, our online campus will expand upon and make more accessible to more people.

We envision the online campus as a place where people:
  • Share uplifting stories
  • Seek advice and support
  • Pray for one another
  • Ask questions about faith

This online campus would include things like:
  • Daily encouragement and conversation
  • Online Bible studies
  • A weekly live Q&A with a pastor
  • A weekly live online prayer time

"Won't more people stay home if we do this?" Actually, our expectation is that just the opposite will happen! As people experience spiritual growth, love, and community on the digital campus, they will crave that experience in-person. When you connect digitally with your family and friends (and church!), it only strengthens relationships and increases your desire to see them in person.

While we continue to develop what an online campus would look like, we would like your input about this concept. Please give us your thoughts and ask questions!